The Art of Worldly Wisdom Rule 99: Reality and appearance

Things pass for what they seem, not for what they are. Only rarely do people look into them, and many are satisfied with appearances. It isn’t enough to be right if your face looks malicious and wrong.

I get it, maybe some CEO fudged numbers to make the company stock price increase and people didn’t catch it because they didn’t conduct a thorough investigation. It’s important to do your own due diligence to not be deceived. That’s what I was thinking reading the first two sentences. But the third made me reconsider what Gracian was getting at.

I’m not here to discuss the merits of judging by appearances, but the truth is that most people do, whether or not it is right. Things get started because of what they appear. They succeed because of what they are. You cannot succeed without getting started.

This is all to say that I think it’s important to take the time to maintain hygiene, dress well, smile, and speak with enthusiasm and interest.



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