The Count of Monte Cristo

I’ve finished the book and out of many parts that stuck out to me, here is only one.

Edmond Dantes had laboriously dug a hole but to his despair it lead to a pathway that was patrolled by a guard. Edmond was distraught because years of effort had been wasted. He related what he found to the Abbe Faria and proposed that he would assault the guard, kill him and then they would escape.

‘Since my imprisonment’, said Faria, ‘I have thought over all the most celebrated cases of escape on record… Those that have been crowned with full success have been long meditated upon, and carefully arranged… Then there are those for which chance sometimes affords opportunity, and those are the best for all. Let us, therefore, wait patiently for some favorable moment, and when it presents itself, profit by it.’

Eagnerss and impatience leads to ruin. The best results are the product of careful planning and waiting for opportunity.  The Abbe Faria had the wisdom of patience and control to exercise it, and did not allow a sunken cost to undermine his decision-making. I think the reason it stuck out is because I definitely have a tendency to act too soon based on emotion.


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